Viken Tape

Bouffant Cap Elastic Manufacturer

Viken Tape is a leading bouffant cap elastic manufacturer and exporter in Surat, India. We aim at providing high-quality products and services to build a community of our loyal and completely satisfied customers. We are a bouffant cap elastic manufacturer that makes light-weighted, disposable and breathable bouffant cap elastic for various uses. We use raw materials of fine quality like – polyester. which is non-woven, wrinkle-free and 100% double band elastic.

Our products are durable that can retain their original round shape even after prolonged stretching and use. Our bouffant elastics are comfortable with the right measurements to meet all types of requirements of our customers. As a bouffant cap elastic exporter and supplier, we also focus on the timely and safe delivery of products which is the key element of an established company in Surat, India.

    Bouffant Cap Elastic

    What we do ?

    • Supplier of Bouffant cap elastic with high-quality products and services
    • Manufacturer of Bouffant cap elastic
    • Providing our products at different regions as a Bouffant cap elastic exporter
    • We guarantee customer satisfaction with our affordable price

    Where Bouffant cap elastic is used ?

    The Bouffant cap elastic is used to make bouffant caps and surgeon caps that are round and disposable and used for surgical application. It is a hat used for keeping stray hair in and avoids contaminates and water. It appears like a bag used for surgical processes. It has a gathered elastic opening. It fits the hairline of the person snuggly and covers the hair. Traditionally, the bouffant cap elastic was used to make products like caps for hairstyles that were complicated and worn while sleeping or showering to protect hair. But you may have seen surgeons and doctors wearing caps made of bouffant cap elastic in hospitals or operation theatres to keep their hair intact while operating. It is a cheap, practical and easy solution that it can use in many ways. Made up of many materials, Viketape uses elastic and propylene to make bouffant cap elastic for making further fine products by supplying it to our clients.

    Features of our Bouffant cap elastic

    • High quality and durable elastic that lasts long
    • Eye-catching appearance for greater appeal to our customers.
    • High level of flexibility
    • Hygienic
    • High tearing strength
    • Unexposed elastic
    • Guarantee of perfect fit and security of comfort

    Bouffant cap elastic exporter and manufacturer

    Viken Tape  hires the best high-class technology and advanced machinery to manufacture Bouffant cap elastic to meet the customers’ requirements in India. We use the best raw materials like polyester, which is the key element of producing high-quality products. With experts on board for manufacturing the best bouffant cap elastic, we follow the sustainable process and measures to use resources at optimum level to reduce wastage and follow the social ethics and norms.

    Our mission is to continuously grow and develop by providing a wider range of options to our customers in different regions with our products and services. We follow the procedure of testing and checking the finished products are ready for dispatch. Products are first checked before being exported or supplied to our customers in India.