Viken Tape

Knitted Elastic

Unlike other traditional elastic types, Knitted Elastic can be used for fitted bed sheet, medical disposable textiles, safety, Garment and under garment industries

Both our machinery and technology are crucial for producing efficient Knitted Elastic economically. We have designed a process that produces the best Knitted Elastic in the minimum amount of time, this assures maximum output.

    Advantages of Our Knitted Elastic

    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Retains its shape
    • Long-lasting with high durability
    • Soft and easy to use

    Our products bearĀ  Oeko-Tex certification, this assures comfort without skin irritation or rashes. Quality and safety is our main goal and we are ISO approved according to international standards.

    Our Knitted Elastic are most suitable for clothing manufacturers since they are soft, high quality, and can be used directly. Knitted using quality fibers, our Knitted Elastic has high capacity stretchability without narrowing or becoming thin. Our products are bound to improve the overall finish of any clothing that is made from them. Our Knitted Elastic products will help to increase stretching capacity and appearance of clothing and hosiery items.

    More options allows our valued customers to find exactly what they want. All Elastic products are available locally throughout India as we are a renowned manufacturer of elastic products. Apart from manufacturing elastic products, we also export to countries that have a requirement for our items.

    Other items that can be purchased from us includes: Woven Elastic, Covered Rubber Thread, Face Mask Elastic, Nose Wire, BOPP Adhesive Tape. For excellent quality products at an affordable price, buy from Viken Tape.