Viken Tape

Mask Elastic Manufacturer

Viken tape is a leading manufacturer of medical elastic for surgeon cap, disposable face mask, bouffant cap, shoe cover. Our medical elastic usefull in many medical products. we are manufacturer  and exporter of customised medical elastic products in INDIA, with more than 20 years’ production experience, we offer a broad range of quality products. By implementing strict quality assurance system, we are committed to supplying high quality medical supplies to the world healthcare market.


    Disposable face mask

    Elastic string (Latex free) for disposable face mask

    Surgeon Cap

    Covering rubber thread for surgeon cap

    Bouffant cap

    Elastic string (with / Without latex) for bouffant cap

    Shoe Cover

    Covering rubber thread / elastic string for shoe cover

    Manufacturer and Exporter of Elastic for Disposable Textile.

    The company has consistently made efforts to develop the quality standards of the range of products made available by us. We offer our products after proper quality assurance checks and analysis. it has come a long way in terms of the performance of the products in the market.

    We are made from the finest imported Natural and Synthetic Poly-isoprene (Latex-free) Rubber and meet the highest hygiene and safety standards for medical use.

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    Applications of Ear loop elastic / Mask elastic

    Our Quality products like Ear loop elastic or Mask elastic and Nose wire are used to manufacture surgical masks or face masks