Viken Tape

Woven Elastic Manufacturer

Viken Tape is an esteemed manufacturer of Woven Elastic products. To assure premium quality, we use fibers such as cotton, polyester,  acrylic, and other materials. These lasting raw materials have a positive effect on the finish of our Woven elastic products.

Woven Elastic is a firm type of elastic. Our woven elastic can retain its shape even with prolonged stretching, and always returns to its regular measurements. It can be used in clothing with heavy fabrics due to its tough and long-lasting properties. Elastic made from woven materials finds numerous uses in the textile and clothing industry.

    Where Woven Elastic is Used

    These are all the functional areas where our premium woven elastic finds use.

    • Fitted bed sheet
    • Garment and under garment industry
    • Disposable medical textiles
    • Safety


    Our superior Woven Elastics bear several benefits when compared to other competitor products on the market. Each feature makes our products more suitable for any purpose. What sets us apart from our competitors is our Oeko-Tex certification and ISO approval that persists throughout our products.

    Features of Our Woven Elastic

    • Higher comfort
    • Flexibility granted by
    • High quality elastic
    • Long-lasting
    • Attractive appearance
    • Textured feel


    Viken Tape uses world-class machinery and technology to craft Woven Elastic products that best suit requirements. Only quality raw materials are used for the production of our products, this is why the final product bears high quality. Overseen by our team of textile experts, our process produces maximum output with minimal wastage of resources. We continuously develop new product options to give our customers more variety to choose from.

    Quality is not a concern as Viken Tape ensures all products undergo quality checks to guarantee optimum quality. We remain committed to providing high-quality Woven Elastic items at affordable rates. Our Woven Elastic comes packed in coils to facilitate handling and transportation of bulk quantities.Viken Tape is an esteemed manufacturer of Woven Elastic, Knitted Elastic, Covered Rubber Thread, Face Mask Elastic, Nose Wire, BOPP Adhesive Tape.