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What are the different types of elastic for garments?

Elastics are a quintessential part of the fashion and garment industry. These narrow fabrics have made our life quite easier, and we cannot think of a way where elastic can be replaced. They perform a phenomenal task of offering stretch, snug-fitting, and defining garment designs. This article will spread every ounce of information one needs to know regarding elastic for garments. Let’s get started.

How is elastic made? 

Elastic is made of stretchable synthetic and fiber threads. Usually, rubber and spandex are wrapped around fiber threads of polyester, nylon, cotton, or blended fiber threads to form elastic. Elastics stretch twice their length and return to their original shape without losing their resilience. The stretch and quality of elastic depend on the weaving pattern and materials used. 

Now, elastic could be of different varieties depending on how it is wrapped and formed. These varieties include knitted elastics, braided elastics, and woven elastics prominently. These are elastic for garments and are prominently used in manufacturing garments. Different elastics have different widths and thicknesses and stretch to them. They are either directly sewn into the fabrics or threaded through casings. The versatility of different elastics altogether makes them perfect for the garment industry. 

What type of elastics are used in garments? 

Braided, woven, and knitted, all these three elastics are used in manufacturing garments. Each of these garment elastics serves a different purpose depending on the way yarns are woven. To understand that, let’s quickly understand how each of these narrow fabrics is built.

Knitted Elastic

Knitted elastics are woven in a knitting pattern and don’t narrow when stretched. They are soft and feel comfortable when exposed to the skin directly. 

Woven Elastic

Woven Elastic is firmer than the other two variants. These are non-roll elastic and retain firmness and width when stretched. They can be used for casings and sewn directly into heavy fabrics. 

Braided Elastic

Braided elastic, as the name suggests, forms braids when woven together. They are constructed with lengthwise parallel ridges. They have more grip than knitted elastics but tend to narrow when stretched. 

Elastic and its use in garments

Woven Elastics are no-roll elastics. They are usually used in heavy fabrics such as home furnishing and outerwear. Elastics are used in jeans, in your traditional heavyweight wear, and in winter wear, are woven elastics. Woven elastics can be sown directly into fabrics and can be used as casings as well. 

Knitted elastic, on the other hand, is quite soft. It is sewn directly into mid-weight lighter fabrics to achieve a medium grip. 

Braided elastics have a grip firmer than knitted elastics and are usually used in neck patterns, sleeves around your cinched waist outfits, and other midweight fabrics. The braided Elastic shouldn’t be sewn directly but through casings. 

It can thus be concluded that different elastic serve different purposes. 

Let’s answer some of the most prominent questions individuals face while buying elastic for garments. 


What type of elastic is best for garments?

Different elastics serve different purposes. Braided Elastic is more suitable for necklines, sleeves, and soft garments, while woven Elastic is more apt for heavyweight garments. 

What is the strongest elastic material for garments?

Woven elastic is the strongest and most resilient of all garments. 

How do we insert elastic in Garments? 

Elastics are either sewn into fabrics directly or can be used as casings to achieve the desired stretch. 

What type of elastic is best for waistbands?

Woven Elastic is best for waistbands. 

Where to buy elastic for garments?

Elastic should be purchased from quality manufacturers like Viken Tape. We manufacture premium quality, international standard elastics to be sold nationally and internationally. Everything at Viken Tape is phenomenal when you choose to deal with us, from materials to finishing to end services.

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