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Difference Between Woven Elastic and Knitted Elastic

Elastic has become such an indispensable part of our lives. From the underpants we wear to the masks that protect us against infections, these narrow fabrics have introduced us to convenience. The use of Elastic has plummeted across the industries of the World. Be it textiles, automobiles, Industrial hardware, medical equipment, or a hundred different industries, elastics have found a predominant place everywhere. And while the kind of elastic used everywhere varies, this blog will walk you through the distinction between two basic kinds – Woven Elastic and Knitted elastic. To begin with, let understand –

What is woven elastic? 

Well, this narrow fabric is a non-roll elastic. It doesn’t narrow when stretched nor does it extends the length while stretching. It retains the firmness and grip of stretch and is suitable for heavy fabrics or casings where grip is important. Moreover, it doesn’t lose its resiliency when sewn into heavyweight garments and hence is most suitable for outerwear elastic. For instance, denim. 

What is Knitted Elastic? 

Contrary to woven elastics, knitted elastic tends to be softer. They don’t narrow when stretched, however, they don’t feel harsh on the skin either. It rolls a little and hence isn’t quite suitable for heavyweight fabrics. Yet, they make for a fitting choice for light to mid-weight fabrics. Moreover, in this time of the pandemic, it’s perfect for your face mask elastic too. They feel soft against your ears and don’t leave any harsh red mark around them. 

If you have been dealing with narrow fabrics for quite a long time now, it’s certain that you might have heard of braided elastic too. 

Well, Braided elastics as the name suggests are woven in the patterns of the braid. However, they do narrow when stretched and have comparatively less grip than knitted or woven elastic. They lose resiliency when pierced through needles. They are therefore suitable for extremely lightweight fabrics and in places where rolling wouldn’t be a problem.

For instance- Necklines, sleeves, etc. 

Now, after understanding what each kind of elastic stands for, let’s understand

What would be the better elastic for your face mask? 

If woven elastic is on your cards, ensure that you cut a piece larger than you require. This would help you get a requisite grip over the mask. Moreover, since it doesn’t roll much it won’t hurt your ears either.

Knitted elastic or Braided elastic is usually the great alternative for face mask elastics. Even better, the face mask elastics designed specifically for masks serve the purpose quite adequately. If you are a manufacturer of face masks, you might want to look at our offerings of face mask elastics.

At Viken Tape, we are the manufacturer, exporter, and seller of premium face mask elastics. Our Elastics match the international standards of quality and perfectly fit your customized needs. 

Reach out to us and allow us to help you with your elastic needs.

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