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High-Quality String Elastic For Bouffant Cap

Are you looking for the finest quality String Elastic for your Bouffant caps? Say no more, you have landed just in the right place.

Viken Tape is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality narrow fabrics and a wide range of String elastics. Our company is backed up by an experienced squad and years of experience and we excel in providing you with the best quality products according to your requirements within time.

What is String Elastic?

String Elastic is a part of woven narrow fabrics made of Rubber and Polyester.  These are approximately 5 mm wide and 0.6 mm thick, white and ideal for Bouffant caps.

Why choose String Elastic?

String Elastic is a renowned woven elastic that is widely and conveniently used for medical purposes (bouffant cap), Food industry, etc due to its higher comfort and flexibility, along with being easily disposable.

Our String Elastics are high quality and durable, and all of these come along with being budget-friendly. 

Viken Tape uses the best technology and machinery to produce quality String Elastics. High-quality raw materials are used for manufacturing our products and our certified team ensures maximum output and minimum wastage of resources. We constantly develop new items to provide our customers with a wide array to choose from that are ideally suited for their requirements.

What makes us a quality Bouffant cap String elastic manufacturer?

Methodical and strategized functioning

Our team works in a planned process of manufacturing String elastic. Rubber and Polyester threads are woven with the skilled expertise to produce the best quality String elastic ideal for surgical caps.

Own manufacturing equipment

Viken Tape is a certified elastic manufacturer. We home the best machinery and equipment for the manufacture of high-quality String elastics. Our machinery is leveraged with the latest technology to meet global market standards. We ensure our raw materials are of the best quality and use robust technology for faster production.

Wide range of preferences

Viken Tale provides its customers with a wide range of options to choose from. String elastics are produced in a load without jeopardizing the quality and can conveniently be used in surgical caps and other medicinal purposes. Our company holds the worldwide name for being one of the best elastic manufacturers internationally.

Professional team of designers

We are a team of professional developers who strive to provide you with premium quality String elastics. We work with a team of skilled developers who are certified experts in their field and work to manufacture the best products globally. When it comes to String elastics, our team takes care to make them flexible and durable, to make them ideal for surgical caps and other medical textile purposes.

Cost-effective and budget-friendly

All of these features come at budget-friendly prices. Our high-quality products are cost-effective since they are durable for a long period. When Viken Tape receives a project, we ensure that we complete the project, even before the deadline. Delay is never an option when it is us.

Delivery on time

Viken Tape ensures that your products are delivered just on time without fail.

Customer services

We have excellent customer service at our disposal and we are ever ready to address your queries.

Viken Tape is your best solution when it comes to String elastics for surgical caps. We are OEKO-TEX certified and our industry has been manufacturing the best quality String Elastic for generations. We consistently maintain our standards and keep our products at par with the global market. We have served customers across the globe. 

Do not just take our word for it, our base of satisfied clientele speaks about their experience with us and our expertise.

When it comes to elastic for surgical caps, String Elastics is all that you need and it works just right for this job.

We are always delighted to hear from you. When it comes to Viken Tape, quality is never a compromise since our team is always quality checking our products and optimizing them to make them the best for you. 

Customers are our topmost priority! Our customer forum is always open to your doubts and queries and our squad makes sure.

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