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Nose Bridge Wire: Guide to choosing for face masks

Through this blog, we will enhance our understanding of nose bridge wires. You see, face masks are crucial for sanitary and health safety. More so, after Covid 2019, it has also become an important accessory for the common person. Earlier, it was mostly the hospitals and laboratories that created demands for face masks. However, the situation has changed quite differently for 2 years, and now face masks are more of a common amenity used by everyone for healthcare safety. And one of the most prominent components of face masks is nose bridge wires. As a consumer,

What would you want from a face mask? 

A better fit, a breathable fabric, protection, and, lastly, comfort. The mask that checklists each of these is the one that should be selected. Since there are too many manufacturers out there, you can see thousands of face mask varieties on every street. While some may fit fine, they might not be protective enough. On the contrary, some might offer full protection but are uncomfortable. You see, to offer optimum safety and genuine protection, a facemask needs to have 3 components. 

  • Firstly, a face mask is elastic.
  • Then, a bridge nose wire 
  • And lastly, a breathable filtering fabric. 

And nose wires and mask elastic largely determine the comfort that a mask offers, and these inessential components are the most crucial elements for a face mask. 

Nose wire is quite important as the nose wire gives the face mask the requisite fit, and it stops your mask from sliding down and is a boon for people with spectacles. Because of the nose wire, the glasses don’t fog up, and hence people can wear them for hours without any discomfort. The use of appropriate nose wire would ultimately aid in creating a safe and appropriate face mask. 

At Viken Tape, we are the manufacturer and exporter of premium quality nose wires. Our products are crafted as per International standards, and each of our products undergoes stringent quality checks before passing from our premises. We shall help you identify the kind of nose wires you can see in the market and the ones that would be suitable for your use. 

Plastic Nose Bridge Wire

Plastic Nose bridge wires are a great choice, especially for the medical industry. They fit perfectly to the contour of your nose, and it molds easily. They don’t leave a gap between fabric and nose, thereby leaving no room for germs to enter. Avoiding germs encounters is crucial in hospitals, and plastic bridge nose wires help you do so quite effectively. 

Metal Nose Wire

Another variant of the nose bridge wire includes metal nose strips. They are made of soft aluminium or metals and can be molded as easily as plastic strips. Despite offering a snug fit, metal nose bridge wire cannot completely fill the nose and mask fabric gap, and a small gap remains, which works fine in normal settings. Hence, metal nose bridge wires could be used to manufacture everyday masks. 

Single Core Nose Wire

Single-core nose bridge wires have a foam design that protects your nose from hurting, and it is durable and convenient to wear. Moreover, these nose bridge wires are used for manufacturing masks for medical purposes. 

Double Core Nose Wire

These nose bridge wires can be molded easily. They offer a soft fit over your nose, and it doesn’t change their shape and doesn’t require external force to mold. These nose wires wrap the double core metal wire with premium plastic and are super light. You can continue to wear such masks for hours without any irritation. Use these nose bridge wires to manufacture medical and folding masks. 

Apart from nose strips, you can also find nose coils that are a thin strand of thread alike. They also aid in getting a smug fitting for your masks. The highlight of these nose wires is their soft, comforting fit. They don’t hurt nor do they irritate your skin, and it simply offers a comfortable fit and give you better protection against germs. 

Now if you have been manufacturing masks at home, let me quickly guide you through an easy way of sewing these nose wires into your face masks.

  • Cut the length of nose wires to 3.5 inches for an adult mask. For kids, keep the length to 3 inches. 
  • Sew a rectangular channel at the top of the mask. 
  • Mark the center of your mask. 
  • Insert the wire in the channel you have created. 
  • Sew it and ensure the position of the wire.  

As simple as that. You are good to use a face mask without worrying about germs outside. Conclusively, whatever kind of nose bridge wire you choose, ensure that it fits the medical and quality set standards. Don’t use something that would poke your nose or feel weighed over your nose. At Viken Tape, we manufacture each of these nose bridge wires to be supplied nationally and internationally. If you have any special requirements of yours, let us know. We shall be happy to guide you along. Head to our website to know more about us. 

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