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Knitted Elastics- the growing popularity of this narrow fabric.

Knitted Elastics is wonderful creations that make our lives easier and comfortable just with their peculiar characteristics. These narrow fabrics could hold our garments in place and no that isn’t just another of the normal in this rapidly evolving world. Just take a moment and make a mental list of all the things that contain knit elastics. Now remove elastic from it and tell us- are those things still useful? 

Let’s make it easier for you.

Socks without elastic.

Pajamas without an elastic waistband.

Undergarments without elastic fit.

Plunging necklines without elastic.

Surgical caps without elastic. 

Knitted Elastic- the growing popularity of this narrow fabric.

And the list continues. 

Do they sound logical? The point being, once you remove elastics from this, you wouldn’t get the fit that you so dearly praise. Let alone leave the fit, in some cases, the garments won’t even stay in place without an elastic securing the fit. So we can settle on one point- the use of elastics is omnipresent. 

Now, moving ahead do you think one elastic fits all the needs? No, it doesn’t. varying kinds of elastics dose needed for varying needs. And in today’s blog, we will walk through the characteristics and uses of knitted elastic. This peculiar elastic has made it across the globe for its easy availability, economical value and diversified usage. 

Let’s gain a basic understanding of knitted elastics. These elastics are soft and comfortable and have little Rubber content compared to braided or woven elastics. They don’t narrow on stretching and feel soft against the skin texture. Said that it doesn’t irritate the skin with its extreme grip but offers a snug fit to anything it is sewn into. It won’t irritate your skin because knitted elastics can be sewn directly to your garment. 

This lightweight, comforting elastic has long-lasting high durability to it. Being perfect for light to medium weight fabrics, knitted elastics have ubiquitous use. Let’s walk through different segments where Knit elastics so highly sought after.

1. Hosiery

Knitted elastics retain their width when stretched. Now, this is crucial for undergarments as they tend to offer a snug fit. Moreover, they are soft against the skin and hence using them in hosiery and undergarments won’t cause any irritation. 

The hosiery market size was 36.2 billion USD in 2020 and this market is going to see only a prolific increase even over the next few years. Hence, we can expect the rise in demand for knitted elastics by the hosiery industry.

2. Medical disposable textiles. 

The medical field requires latex-free elastics. Hence, Knitted elastics make for a perfect fit for them. From masks to surgical caps and others, elastics are prominently used for the manufacturing of medical supplies. 

3. Garment Manufacturing.

Knitted elastics largely used in manufacturing garments Be it as waistbands for pajamas or in necklines or fancy designs to offer a puffed appearance, kint elastics are an indispensable part of modern-day garments. With its soft finish, knitted elastics can sewn directly into the light and medium-weight fabrics.

4. Textiles for home furnishing.

Knitted elastics is use in the manufacturing of fitted bed sheets and pillowcases. They are also used in the manufacturing of other home furnishing textile products. Not only are they feasible to use but elastics come in varieties of colors and patterns offering an overall attractive look to anything it is sewn into. 

5. Sportswear – knit elastics

Knitted elastics have found their increased use in the activewear industry. The modern-day activewear market is growing prolifically and is propelling the growth of the knitted elastics market. 

Summing up, knitted elastics have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. We simply cannot discard them off and why should we even? After all, our lives are made much easier and flexible with them in it. At Viken tape, us known to manufacture premium qualityelastics bands. We can vouch for our quality standards and our clients from across the globe proves that we are the best. 

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