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The growing popularity of Woven elastic tape in the Activewear industry.

Physical Activities which weren’t part of our normal everyday routine years back have slowly paved their way into our lives. Be it gym, outdoor and indoor sports, this young generation is certainly driven by physical activities. Slowly, even the elder population,i.e. Cohort of people in their mid-forties and even the retired population is actively inculcating physical activities in their normal routine. 

Now, the wheel of physical activities is driving the other wheel that is the activewear industry.

Well, for all we know, let’s start with an understanding of activewear apparel. Well, unlike regular garments, this particular segment enhances the body movement during the performance of physical activities. They facilitate ease in movement and are useful for injuries prevention caused by heavy workouts and sports. They offer adequate fitting and proper support alongside their unique traits of being quick-drying, breathable, thermal and static resistance. Now, amongst the core products required to manufacture activewear, the woven elastic tape is a prominent one. 

Growing popularity of Woven elastic tape in the Activewear industry.

Woven elastic- What is it? 

Well, elastic tapes as we are aware of are narrow stretchable loops that are used in the apparel industry to offer proper fit and snugness. Woven elastic tape is a variant wherein the ribs are sewn horizontally and vertically throughout making it the strongest garment elastic. Moreover, these elastic loops won’t bulge up or roll on being stretched, making it perfect for being cased into medium weight garments. 

But why woven elastic?

Well, the very characteristic of activewear is its snug and perfect fitting. If they fail to offer adequate fitting they simply cannot offer the requisite support. To satiate this very need, woven elastic tape use by the activewear industry. If you are wondering about the possibilities of the use of woven elastics, well let us help you. 


Sports Bra has actively found its way into our everyday workout routine. Known for their adequate support and appropriate fits, the market for sports Bra is propelling with growth. Woven elastic tape ensures the fit across the chest portion all while offering a comfortable wearing experience. 

Even the underpants, specifically seamless fit ones have woven elastic tape around the waistbands securing them at the perfect place. 

Well, woven elastics are of profound use in the undergarments industry and we couldn’t think of anyone better than us, manufacturing the woven elastic tape

Bottom wear. 

From Yoga pants to athleisure pants and shorts and swimwear, elastic tape is used everywhere. woven elastics are specifically used around the waistbands to get that perfect slim fit. Since they can secure in fabric casings of any weight, woven elastics are perfect for bottom wear.  Without elastic bands securing the fabric, you wouldn’t get that desired fit or comfort. 


Woven elastics are using around the neck, sleeve length and in varying kinds of top-wear design to get that stylish fit. They are equally being use in chest fitted garments that give your body a proper shape.

Summing up, woven elastics are undoubtedly an indispensable part of the activewear and athleisure industry. And while the industry continues to propel, we would also see an increased demand for high quality, good stretch woven elastics. At Viken Tape, we have carved our name as the trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high graded woven elastic tape. We are catering for clients across varying industries, and if you too are looking for woven elastics for your business, connect with us. We shall help you with your specific requirements by customizing your experience.