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Everything you need to know about Flat Elastic Bands.

Elastics have become quite a prominent part of our lives. However, minuscule their existence may seem, their use is ubiquitous. From Headbands to our Footwears, From Undergarments industries to manufacturing units and medical appliances, there isn’t an industry where these narrow fabrics haven’t made their place. Flat Elastic, a variant of these narrow fabrics has found its diversified use and its demand is seeing a profuse growth every day. 

Well, these are only a few examples of the use of flat band elastics within the garment and textile industry. This use extends much largely to industries of another varying kind too. Through this blog, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about these flexible bands. Elastic bands are largely in the clothing industry. But before we dig in, let’s scratch the basics.

What is Flat Elastic Band? 

Flat Elastic Bands as the name suggests are elastic bands that are flat and not rounded. They lie flat and are usually inserted in fabrics to add a stretch and snug fit. The weave of these elastic bands is either knitted or braided depending on the application it is intended to use for. They are usually composed of rubber, polyester, and elastane. The proportion of each again depends on the stretch intended from it. 

Flat elastic bands make for an excellent choice in the manufacturing of mask elastics. They sit around comfortably around the nook of your ears and don’t irritate your ear loops. Well, we will get to the uses in the later part of the blog, however, let’s focus on the properties of such elastic bands. 


  • Flat Elastic bands are made with cotton, polyester, nylon, and rubber. 
  • It is also possible to find elastic bands that have no latex/ rubber in them. 
  • Elastic band is wonderful for inserting into the mid and lightweight fabric. They help to achieve a snug fit.
  • The braided variant of the elastic band is quite more stretchable than the knitted variants. These elastic bands are easy to sew into heavy fabrics and offer exceptional stretch to them. 
  • Flat elastic bands come in varied sizes making them suitable for multiple purposes. ¼, ½, and ⅛ variants of elastic bands are easily available in basic and colorful colors. 
  • The quality of these elastic bands varies from company to company depending on the quality it offers. 
  • They are extremely soft and offer great resiliency.
  • They are extremely easy to sew into and don’t lose resiliency when inserted with needles. 


  • Flat elastic bands are widely use in the manufacturing of earloops for masks elastics. Besides, they are extremely soft and don’t create any harsh effect on your ears.
  • The drawstrings of your pajamas make use of elastic bands. 
  • Lingeries and underpants also have parts of elastic bands to get a snug-fitting. 
  • Sometimes the necklines of fancy blouses also use elastic bands to give a dramatic effect.
  • Sewing of bedsheets and Pillow covers also use elastic bands to offer a perfect fit. 
  • Further, flat band elastics have found a prominent place in the activewear industry.

Wrapping up, flat elastic bands own for themselves the market that is quite promising. Its uses are ubiquitous and there is a certain need for them in every industry, If you are looking for high-graded, international standard elastic bands, Viken Tape is your place to be. We manufacture and export premium quality elastic bands. Choose from the varying varieties available with us. 

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