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3 key Benefits Of Using Woven Elastic Tape In The Home Furnishing Industry.

The home furnishing industry is growing at a propelling rate. Who in that same frame of mindset would have imagined the growth that the decor industry is seeing today. Well, the home we live in speaks volumes and tons of our personality. And the decor segment has infinitely helped us put our best foot forward with our homes. 

Benefits Of Using Woven Elastic Tape In The Home Furnishing Industry.

It is the smallest of things that make a house- the HOME. Be it the smell of roses, the reading corner, the bed we so comfortably doze off on, or the restrooms we spent hours of our morning in; it all lies in the little details. Speaking of details, you surely must think the topic of elastics is irrelevant to decor. However, this tiniest fabric has made its indispensable position across the home furnishing industry. Don’t believe us? 

Well, home furnishing products like pillowcases, sofa covers, bedsheets, and others add to the allure of the decor, because of the way it fits within. And, offering that fit are the woven elastic tape bands that are stitched into any kind of fabric. Speaking of which, let’s jump to our first point of discussion. 

1. Woven elastics offer a snug-fitting

Well, what is more attractive, a fitted bed sheet or the crumpled one with loose unkempt ends. Obviously, the first one, right? Well, there is this thing with snug-fitting that makes everything perfect. Be it your bedsheets, pillowcases, sofa covers or any other covering, for instance, just an appropriate use of woven elastic tape can enhance everything. 

Woven elastic is stitched into the ends of the fabrics. And just a tiny bit of elastic could change the very look of your home furnishing products. 

2. Woven elastic tape offers a cheerful appearance.

Now, Woven elastics come in multiple colors and design variants. Moreover, since they are sewn into any thickness of fabric an exceptional pair with home furnishing products. Just because it is elastic doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. At Viken Tape, we have an extensive portfolio of woven elastic bands in varying sizes, colors, and designs to choose from. 

Hence, even when it is just a dash of elastic, it adds the oomph element with its presence. 

3. Woven elastics hold exceptional stretch and elasticity. 

Now, woven elastic tape won’t bundle up like a regular tight braided elastic. They won’t roll and would return back to their shape after being stretched. Hence, be it bedsheets, pillowcases, sofa covers, or chair covers, you won’t see bundled up fabrics towards the end. Woven elastics are suitable for home furnishing products because of their versatility. They can be sewn easily and they won’t cast off their appearance with rigid elasticity. They hold the fabric together and have a considerably nice stretch and elasticity retaining capacity. 

Summing up, it may seem irrelevant to even mention elastics while speaking of home furnishing products. But as we said, it’s the little details that add an enchanting appeal to your home. And woven elastic tape hones that role perfectly with its mere presence, be it acutely visible or not. Now, if you are specifically venturing into the home furnishing segment and looking for elastic variants to get started with, Viken Tape is your place to be. We are the variants leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of woven elastics globally and it is our persistent quality that makes us the top player. Well, connect with us and avail our help for your woven elastic tape needs.