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Earloop Elastics – An OKEO-TEX Certified Product By VikenTape

Last year has been pretty dramatic for each one of us. We were literally pulled from our small little everyday world to face this totally alien Virus that took the form of a pandemic. We all have our different COVID Stories to tell in the future. However, face mask elastic would be a common guest visitor in each of our tales. Probably as a villain, probably as the lately found friend. 

Ever since March last year, face masks have been our companion as important as wallet and keys while stepping out. Since then we have experimented with face masks as vividly as we do with our fashion. And we can all mutually agree that it is hauntingly difficult to find a mask that fits well, is breathable, doesn’t snap the face hair, and is easy to wear for a long time? 

Well, as important as it is to choose the right fabric and shape fit for your mask, so is the face mask Earloop elastic that secures it at the right place. Yes, we are talking of those pesky little elastic loops that are either way too tight or too loose for a perfect fit. Haven’t we all faced consistent nagging pain behind the earbone area after wearing the facemask for hours? 

Well, mostly it is because of the wrong quality or type of elastic that sewn directly without giving any considerate thought to it. And, not every elastic available out there is appropriate for your mask. 

Here’s why? 

Elastics is use everywhere, from undergarments to bouffant caps. The need for elastic’s stretch, firmness, softness varies greatly in each of its use. And, this is why you cannot simply pick any elastic and attach it to your mask. 

There are different variants of elastics; be it braided, knitted, woven, ropes, bands, or colored. Each of them structured and composed differently. In most cases, it is composed of rubber, cotton, polyester, elastane, spandex, etc.

It is the combination of these materials that further decides the tensile strength of the elastics. And while one can use braided, knitted, and woven kind of elastics for facemasks, it would be more or less compromise to the ideal fit.

Well, compromise no more. At Viken Tape, we have curated earloop elastic that fits the definition of perfection. We firmly believe that commodity as important as masks deserves considerate thought over comfort. And here we have a completely different variant designed specifically for face masks, i.e. earloop elastics. 

Here’s what makes our Earloop Elastic different and the best choice for you.

  • Our earloops are resilient to breaking and melting. 
  • We assure you there would be no allergic reactions to our loops. 
  • Assured Pain-free, comfortable mask-wearing experience. 
  • Our Earloop elastics are available in different variants of diameters. Choose the one that suits your needs. 
  • It is made using imported natural and synthetic Polyisoprene Rubber that meets the highest hygiene and safety standards for medical use.

Of our diversified narrow fabrics range, we are a specialized EarLoop / Face mask elastic manufacturer, exporter, and supplier. And, ever since the pandemic, we have been offering cost-effective, qualitative earloop elastic to our customers with diversified needs. We are proud of what we deliver and our OKEO-TEX certified loops speak highly of the quality we deliver. 

Since face masks are priority accessories to wear at this moment, it is important that you take comfort into consideration while designing them. We are here to serve you with our premium range of earloop elastics. Connect with us and we shall provide you with the best premium quality elastics of your choice, at a competitive rate.