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Nose wires helping you keep your masks in place.

Hasn’t mask become the prerequisite of our fashion statement? Back in 2020 when face masks became a mandate people experimented profoundly with the kind of masks. Be it the Surgical mask, N95, cloth nose wires mask, Nose Strip, or innumerous other variants that arrived in the market after that, comfort slowly became the priority factor while choosing a face mask for everyday wear. 

But when we speak of comfort, what do we exactly mean? In simple words, the snug fit mask should suffice. However, what goes into making a perfect face mask?

A fabric, an adjustable earloop elastic, a nose wire, measurements, and design. Right? 

Well, however easy it might sound on paper, finding the correct variant of these materials requires a careful understanding of their properties. Speaking of which, nose wires play an important role when we wish to offer the requisite fit to a face mask. Moreover, nose strips are essential to help secure a mask in place. Face masks, planar face masks, cup masks, respirator masks, breath masks, and disposable face masks are using nose wires. Owing to its extensive use, we have a range of wires to suit the varying needs of our clients. 

At Viken Tape, we are a specialized nose wire manufacturer, exporter, and supplier, operating from across Surat, Gujarat. We are addressing the ever-changing requirements of the current market with our high-tech infrastructure and ultra-modern technology.  We deal in different variants of wires and our product range is as follows:


These are amongst the most flexible and durable wire strips. Single-Core wires have a single metal stripe within a PP sheet whereas Double core nose wire has metal stripes on both the edges of the PP sheet. 

Not only does the core wires shape easily in requisite shapes, but it also helps achieve a snug fit to the mask. Our core nose wire easily adjusted within a mask would allow for shape adjustment according to the nose. Moreover, it won’t create a tinge feeling when inserted within a mask. Having said that, core nose wire could make for a perfect addition to your mask manufacturing. 

These nose wires are usually made using a combination of metal and Polypropylene. At Viken Tape, we ensure that international standards of quality are met. For this, we ensure qualitative material procurement and personnel training so that our product remains consistent throughout.


Plastic nose wires are better alternatives as they won’t create unnecessary stretch. Besides, when we think of everyday face masks they should offer resistance against heat as well as water. And what better material than plastic for strength and resilience. 

Our plastic nose wire won’t poke as it has soft edges. Moreover, it would keep the maks from sitting down on your face. Having said that, plastic nose wire fits closer to the natural contours of your face. Hence, giving that perfectly fitting look.

Metal core Nose Wires. 

The last of our variants, metal is aptly suited for wires. They can be shaped easily and would ensure that the mask doesn’t sit on the face.

Conclusively, our nose wires are designed to meet all international standards. Our products have appreciated globally for their high set quality. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Metal Nose Strip, Plastic Nose Strip, Single-Double Core Nose Strip.

Since face masks are priority accessories to wear at this moment, it is important that you take comfort into consideration while designing them. We are here to serve you with our varying range of wires. Connect with us and we shall provide you with the best products, at a competitive rate.