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Nose wire/ Nose Strip Manufacturer & Exporter- Metal/ Plastic Nose Wire

Excellence, Quality, and Consistency are what defines us.

Viken Tape is renowned globally for its cost-effective yet optimized quality solutions when it comes to elastics. Ever since the pandemic, the need for facemasks is at an all-time surge. To satiate the need for qualitative face masks, Viken Tape stepped up its game and has now included all sorts of nose wires and nose strips that go into making a face mask.

We manufacture and export our mask nose wires that are graded for their premium quality across International markets. Our manufacturing unit is based in Surat and we undertake stringent quality check measures to ensure we surpass customer expectations.

Let’s explore our varieties of nose wires for face masks.

    Metal Nose Wire

    These are the adjustable metal nose strips that help secure the fitting of the mask. They don’t poke like a thin wire and nestles comfortably over the contours of your nose.

    Plastic Nose Wire

    Plastic Nose Wires for face masks could be easily inserted and molded in the desired shape. They adapt to the desired shape and ensure the smug fitting of the mask.

    Single-Core Nose Wire

    Generally used in the manufacturing of disposable and medical masks, single-core nose wires are the most common ones in need. Insert them with your flat masks to get desired face mask fit.

    Double-Core Nose Wire

    Double core mask wires have two metal wires nestled at the parallel ends of the plastic nose strip. They are generally used in the manufacturing of medical and folding masks.

    Packaging Detail

    Coil Packaging 2000 Meter

    Why Choose Viken Tape?

    • Products at Viken Tape are manufactured under stringent quality controls. They meet and surpass the quality standards set by International and Global societies. Our products are recognized and renowned in the global market.
    • Our manufacturing units are equipped with state of art modern technologies to facilitate the production of highly qualitative products.
    • We have employed highly skilled personnel to meet and exceed the ever-changing requirements of the current market.
    • We have established all the essential in-house facilities in Surat, Gujarat. This is our base operating unit and our centralized processes ensure that our clients receive the expected outcome from us.
    • From Procurement of raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, and dispatch, each process of our nose wire business undergoes strict quality checks. This is the very reason that our Single Core nose strips, double core nose strips, Plastic nose strips, and Mask wire have made a noise Globally.
    • Highly trained supervisors in each department ensure that products that go out from our manufacturing units meet our set standards.
    • Our variants of nose wires could be used for manufacturing face masks, planar face masks, cup masks, respirator masks, breath masks, disposable face masks, etc.
    • We offer products that are worth the value of money for our customers.
    • We assure prompt delivery, efficient customer support, and client services throughout.
    • Lastly, our products are catered at a reasonable price range paired with exceptional quality.