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Improve the fit of your mask with plastic nose wire.

Masks have become quintessential in our everyday life. Although vaccines are at rollout, it’s still not safe to step out without a mask. Possibly it would still take us years before we can return to life without masks. But while they are still very much in vogue, let’s not make that an obstruction in our everyday lives. Now that it’s been more than a year since Covid hit us, we have realized that not all masks are perfect. For a mask to fit well, it requires certain crucial elements, one of which is plastic Nose Wire. 

Well, by now you all must have experimented with variants of face masks. Surgical masks, N95, Cloth Masks, Double filtration masks, charcoal masks, and whatnot. What we are trying to establish is face masks have become quite versatile giving us alternatives to choose from. Yet, not every fancy mask is effective against COVID. Hence, ensure a few of the bare essentials to check-in masks before buying one. 

At Viken Tape, we have catered to needs from across the globe with our extensive range of nose wires. We have a high-quality Single-Double Core Nose Strip, Mask Wire, and Plastic Nose Strips crafted with ultra-modern technology. Our plastic nose wires have made a mark for their unparalleled quality and versatility. 

Getting back to the topic, a nose wire could dramatically improve the fit of your mask making them more effective. 

  • A nose wire ensures that the mask snugly fits against your mouth while covering your nose. 
  • They are adjustable hence not suffocating you but instead allowing you the freedom to breathe in more casually. 
  • Plastic Nose wires prevent air leakage from the top of the mask thereby reducing the spread. 
  • Most importantly, they prevent the fogging of your glasses. With a snug, adjustable nose wire you wouldn’t have to consistently remove the fog over your glasses. 
  • Nose wires in medical and surgical masks help in controlling air leakage from the sides. 
  • Plastic nose straps can be easily molded to the contours of your nose. Hence, it allows you to get your unique custom fit. 
  • It helps press the mask near the face contours hence reducing the chances of absorbing air droplets from outside. 

Now, nose wires are available in multiple variants. But plastic nose wires are most effective when used in surgical masks and everyday high filtration masks. Metal nose strips are also available with us. They mold easily and sticks to the contours of your nose. However, sometimes the unfit length of nose wire could prick you hence making your overall experience with the mask uncomfortable. 

If you are a face mask manufacturer looking for high-graded plastic nose wire strips, we have got your back. At Viken Tape, we have carved our name as the leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of plastic nose wires. Connect with us at Viken tape and tell us about your unique requirement. We shall help you with your plastic nose wire needs by letting you choose from our extensive plastic nose wire range. 

Connect with us now and find the perfect nose wire for yourselves.