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Best Elastics Variants Manufacturer In Surat

Look around and you would find elastics in the very nature of objects that surrounds you. Most importantly, garments and anything that constitutes fabric. After all, these narrow fabrics could be stretched beautifully without losing the snugness and fit of fabric it is stitched into. Elastic has an intrinsic property of being stretchable under force and regaining the original shape upon force withdrawal. Now, isn’t that wonderful?

If you couldn’t think of extensive use of elastic, let me cite a few for you. From your undergarments to waistbands and trousers, neck fits, sleeves, and wrist bands, elastic is use almost everywhere. Think of any fancy-looking garment constructed with a bounce and it would have elastic securing it. Moreover, we can see a prolific increase in the use of elastic for medical garments.

Now, such a ubiquitous and renowned product is constructed in varying unique ways, depending on its ultimate use. And for this very purpose, you would find variants of elastics each distinct in its elasticity range. So the answer to how elastic is manufactured cannot be answered simply through a series of steps. Simply, because of its varying kinds. However, let us guide you through a series of steps as to what goes into making an elastic and what variant is useful where.

Fiber contents

The core of elastic is rubber, be it natural or synthetic. However, rarely an elastic is manufactured with 100% rubber contents. More often, elastics is form with a combination of rubber along with cotton, polyester, nylon, lycra, or spandex. 

Owing to diversified demands, we can also find elastics that are rubber-free. Such elastics perfectly suited for individuals with latex allergies. 

By logic, the greater the stretch you desire, the greater should be the rubber content within its fiber constitution. This is because rubber offers boggling stretch and snugness under force. The blend of cotton and rubber elastic would shrink on wash whereas the combination of cotton and polyester widely used for its multiple usabilities.

Elastic construction

Elastic bands can be broadly classified into a knitted, woven, and transparent elastic.

Knitted elastics

As the name suggests, fibers of knitted elastics are knitted together to form an elastic band. Knitted elastics can stretched beautifully and to add on it retains its width on stretching. It doesn’t lose its elasticity on sewing or needle piercing and thereby making it a great choice for direct fabric application.

Woven elastic

Woven elastics are thicker and stronger compared to other elastics. They would neither shrink on being stretched nor would they be affected by sewing. Having said that, a woven elastic perfectly suited for use on heavy-weight fabrics. The distinctive characteristic of woven elastic is that it has both lengthwise and crosswire ribs. 

Earloop elastic

Ever since last year, we have learned a new essential- Face Masks. Elastics securing this face masks are made of varying materials with varying stretch. However, mainly they are composed of rubber, cotton, polyester, elastane, spandex, etc. Masks are our consistent companions and they must offer comfort while wearing them. Only the right choice of elastic can ensure that.

We are one of the leading manufacture ear loop / face mask elastic which is the most important component in manufacturing face mask which now has become core part of our life during this covid19 pandemic situation.

Summing up, the manufacturing process of elastics varies on its construction properties. Looms and machines more or less function in a similar manner once the core of elastic manufacturing is pinned upon. Having said that, at Viken Tape us actively engag in the manufacturing and export of varying kinds of woven and knitted elastics. And since, masks are the prerequisite these days, we also have variants of mask elastics to cater to your needs. 

Get in touch with us and we shall help you with your unique requirements.